Terms & Conditions ( Mega Match 72 )

Welcome to Remarriage Wedding (herein referred as "RMW").

  1. We are selling only the profiles that we have previously registered on our website and the new registrant profiles which was added for the campaign
  2. We are not responsible if you dont find your soulmate or appropriate match, we cannot give you any more profiles.
  3. The registration fees which you are giving is non refundable and you cannot claim it,
  4. You are solely agree to the terms and conditions and you are willing to pay the fees by your own .
  5. If you are commenting on consumer forum we will file a suite against you legally
  6. If you want to give your valuable suggestions and feedback mail us on legal@remarriagewedding.com
  7. We are providing single user Login only. If it is misused by more than one user then the administrator can have the rights to terminate the I'd without any information. The user has no rights for refund or login regain or further claim legally. We can claim you legally.This is intended for personal users only no middlemean allowed if we find any login as middleman login will be terminated and we will claim the middleman legally.
Disclaimer : We are only offering this service for the profiles which we have registered with us. You cannot claim more profiles. It is only 72 hours sale.
Remarriage Wedding

About Us

In remarriage wedding .com, we offer initiative to create second marriage matrimony for divorcee, matrimony for Widows and matrimony for Widower for Indians.

We offer better match pair unlike other providers we offer the expectation criteria where we produce very less number of matching profiles but it would be 80% Perfect. We believe in Quality than quantity. Our Business ethics is to deal our customers with honesty to provide the best services that meet their expectations. As the Second marriage matrimony always have more expectations than first, we try to meet the criteria for divorcee, Widow and Widower requirements.

We welcome free

Second marriage

registration from Chennai, Trichy and Tamilnadu.

MISSION : " Try to Provide Quality innovative Pair match "

VISION : Our Vision is " To Create Happiness & Spread Happinees "


Innovation Quality Honesty Ethics Integrity